Point Depot, also known as the Weapons Depot and the Combine Drop Area, is a Combine base found in Dan's Half-Life in the chapter The Battle of Deftin. The base was built ten days after the Seven-Hour War.


After the Deftin War, the C130 that took Gordon to Camp Redskie takes Gordon to Point Depot. A rebel also in the helicopter hands Gordon an OICW, and he gets dropped off. If done correctly, the Combine will lose control of Point Depot and the Resistance will gain control. Before this, however, the player will come across the Combine Director. Once you defeat the Combine Director, then the base is officially the Resistance's. However, a soldier sent a distress signal and the base is attacked. After this attack is defended, the player moves on from Point Depot and leaves to the St. Neal Coast .


  • The entire base is a reference to the Depot chapter of Half-Life 2, which was cut.
  • The Combine Director is a subtle reference to Advisors.
  • In the Combine Director's office, a picture of Edvard Grieg is found. This is a reference to a room in Half-Life 2 full of security monitors and a picture of Mark Twain.