Jerry and Fritz are two rebels encountered in Deftin's Bunker. walks up to the player and asks him if he has a med kit, as Fritz is badly injured, and if the player does have a med kit, you can heal Fritz. If you don't, and you come back, Jerry will tell you that Fritz died. If you heal Fritz, he will thank you and give you some pistol ammo. After the Deftin Batt




le, you can find Fritz's dead body right next to the bunker, and Jerry and 
Owen looking down at his body, and Jerry will say that a Combine Sniper shot him down when he died. You can find the same sniper in the tower next to it. Later, you can find Fritz's gravestone.


Dan's Half-Life - Chapter 2, The Battle of Deftin


  • You cannot save Fritz, as Fritz will always die. Even if you kill the sniper before he died, a script will play that kills Fritz, much like Lazlo from Half-Life 2.


"Hey, do you have a med kit?" - Jerry

"Hey, thanks man. How can we repay you? Wait, I'll just give you some ammo!" -Jerry

"I know you have one, come on man!" - Jerry

"Thank you..." - Fritz

"Yeah, let's go!" - Fritz

"Fritz died... A great mind... Lost." - Jerry

"Why didn't you give him a med kit?"

"Man... Wish you had a med kit.

"Poor Fritz... Shot down by a sniper."