Commander Deftin is the leader of Deftin's Bunker which houses many rebels. He survives the Deftin War, the war started by the combine against Deftin's army. Deftin also wears Conscript armor.

Commander Deftin

Commander Deftin during the Deftin War

Commander Deftin Gun

Deftin's OICW


When Gordon first arrives at Deftin's Bunker, he is greeted by Owen, who guides him to Commander Deftin. Deftin is surprised and is happy that Gordon came, and tells him that one of Deftin's scouts found out that the Combine are going to attack. Deftin wants Gordon to help and he does. Owen tells Gordon that the Combine don't let anybody in the resistance in, so he won't be able to get in and will probably die. However, a C130 comes and picks Gordon up to drop him in Camp Redskie, known by the Combine as Sector #562,  to interrogate the leader of the camp, the Sector #562 Combine Leader, so he does. After that, the war begins, and Deftin wins.


Commander Deftin is the leader of Deftin's Bunker, and is the sixth male model. He is very strict and serious about his job as a commander of an army. He uses an OICW gun and has apparently "killed thirty-six combine soldiers" with it.


  • Originally, his model was to be used for a conscript, a cut Combine to Resistance group of soldiers.
  • His lines about cover and the other soldiers being pussies are a reference to Animal, a cut Conscript.


"So, you're Gordon Freeman? Hahah! I love it! We've got another strong member!"

"Alright you idiots, I need cover!"

"Cover! I need cover!"

"Somebody give me cover!"

"Peters is down!"

"Owen! Get up!"

"Get up, Owen!"

"Owen, you're a pussy!"

"You're all a bunch of pussies!"

"Where the hell is Griggs?"

"Where the hell is... Oh my God! They're here!"

" Fritz is dead!"

"Peters, get up!"

"I need a medic!"

"I need a medic over here!"

"Somebody get me a medic!"

"I need a fuckin' medic!"

"Ivan, what the hell is going on?"

"Ivan, shut the hell up!"

"Ivan, you're a fucking pussy!"

"Ivan, what the hell?"


"Ivan, I didn't mean it. I'm stressed."


"Shit, I'm out of ammo!"

"Where's that ammo guy?"

"Where's our guy?!?"


"Damn it, where the hell is James?"

"Bull shit!"

"Manridge is down!"

"Peters! Where is Peters?!"